Talk with your child about kindness

Kindness is necessary for all people,
let plenty of good will.
They say not for nothing that at the meeting
"Good morning" and "Good evening."
And not for nothing that we have
the wishes of "Good Luck."
Kindness - it is from everlasting
decoration human ...
Do not stand aloof indifference,
When someone is in trouble.
Rush to the rescue of need
at any moment, always
And if someone - that someone - that will help
Your kindness, your smile,
you're happy that the day was not in vain is lived,
that the years of living you are not in vain.
Compassion can not be bought at the bazaar.
Sincerity song not zaymosh.
Not from books comes to people envy.
And we perceive a lie without books.
Apparently, sometimes Education
To touch the soul
is not strong enough.
My grandfather without a diploma and without the title of
Just a good man was.
So kindness was first? ..
Let it comes to every home,
What would we then not examined,
Whether in life or were then.
A. Dementiev
Lost meaning of kindness,
because now for the purpose of all things.
"Yes, friend, I'll help you full ...
And you tell me to make concessions."

To take another kindness,
Oh, you have to be rich to me.
For human help even one,
you give, at least you two.

Oh, yes, I'm afraid it seriously.
Indeed, in our time of kindness,
of total proceeds at lightning speed,
and she sincerely, only sometimes.

So compulsively shove it all,
not thinking - you need it.
But knowing that it is now their own,
they will take with you completely.
Let's talk about the goodness of
a faceless world, in this hectic,
in a whirl of gray days,
let's talk about the goodness,
what is hidden in your soul.

Stop and look around back -
What is left of you in the past?
Only the empty conservatory,
who remembers the good.

And as a child, remember, you loved
to sit under an old maple tree.
I believe that you have not forgotten
How it was green.

You're a child helps a lot,
eyes shone with kindness ...
... Last with a maple leaf fell,
trying to meet you.

You went ahead confident gait,
you went without noticing people.
You were the first prominent boat,
all fell prostrate before thee in

You forgot to friends. And rushil life.
You built a reputation. Blood.
The wind circled sheet, capricious
and dropped it in the dust.

And the old maple, limp and faceless
All waited for the kid with kindness in his eyes.
But the days passed, playing glare.
In his same human tears.

Last Leaf trampled and torn
brimstone, silent crowd,
and with your honorable sail ripped off
and was sunk by a wave of TV.

But Kindness still alive in their hearts,
You were picked up by this kindness.
You have warmed in squalid "palaces"
People-forgotten you.

You have fallen from the top to the very bottom,
you remembered everything stored in memory.
The dust came alive maple leaf,
and an old maple in the garden to life.

... Let's talk about kindness,
What is hidden on the bottom of the soul,
of which we have forgotten in the fuss,
just an old maple about it rustles ...
let's talk about kindness ...
Oh, how we need the kind words.
More than once we are convinced of this themselves.
And words can not - things important?
Deeds - deeds and words - words.
They live in each of us,
on the day prior to the time kept by the soul,
to have their say at the very hour
when they are needed the other.
A kind word heals evil cripples.
Take your time for a good cause, bad self prispeet.
Repute lies and runs thin.
Not the clothes make the man, and his good deeds.
Kindness never loses his dignity.
Compassion without the mind is empty.
Kind words more wealth.
For a good man one hundred hands.
Boast not thyself of silver and boast good.
Who doeth good, that God will repay.
In whom there is no good, and the truth is not enough.
For doing good pay.
Angry cries of envy, and kind of fun.
it is kind is not easy,
is not dependent on the kindness of growth.
Does not depend on the color of kindness,
Compassion is not a carrot, not candy.
If kindness as the sun shines,
Rejoice adults and children.
And if someone can help
Your kindness, your smile,
you're happy that the day
was not in vain has been lived through,
that the years of living you are not in vain!
Compassion, kindness,
Compassion, you do not have a little,
kindness is love,
and, of course, have pity!

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Let all the people in the world
are very fond of each other,
let them not stand between them,
Frost, evil blizzard!

Kindness you give,
I sincerely and spontaneously,
And let this act
will not seem strange!
Let's talk about kindness,
about the values of timeless, eternal,
a life that is so short and fleeting,
that we have long been wrong.

We have forgotten how to believe and dream,
we have ceased to understand each other,
we hate blizzard whirled -
we have forgotten how to be compassionate.

Mired in disputes, quarrels, wars, hectic,
forgetting that there is happiness,
that the world is vast and beautiful,
there's plenty of space.
Let's talk about the goodness!
Let the days pass, centuries,
millennia sweep -
Kindness and Mercy
values remain.

Read the same poem -
Our short pozdravok
Happy spontaneous kindness.
Let it not seem strange!

Compassion lives in the world
even in the hard times evil.
Be kind -
will be easier to live in the world!
In this unusual morning Good
Will in the world every person.
Let the world embrace more
heats soul pure snow!
Will flow words of love, care,
if in March of birch juice,
and shepnot ear to God something
affectionate, risible this poem here.
And immediately - will pour light from heaven,
declaring the bitter anger: "No!"
you doing in life is only one good ...
To the good thoughts multiplied it ...
From the heat in the area blossom gardens ...
For all the good people and love flowers ...

Then people will remember fondly in my heart ...
Next good to leave in your baby ...
It has a good treasure, the treasure that does not take away ...
It's like a reward, you can only take ...

If the heart is beating, all in full swing ...
So, your heart aches for others ...
bloomed, it rose to accept and welcome ...
So is not in vain in life everything went ...

Will bear fruit, multiply the good ...
Everyone in life wants to come to it ...
no good, as can be seen and the heat ...
Do not sing with joy, not living soul.
Kindness certainly saves the world
Kindness certainly saves the whole world
helps to grow around the world
to the people harmony, peace to find
his heart in doing good, you warm the

Mercy suddenly kindled in your heart
And it resounded certainly
all learn it if in your heart
It is even lit up for a moment

A lot of effort and diligence necessary to put
that good preserved and Patience
only truth is that in the heart of the store
Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance
Let us worship the goodness!
Let's live with a thought of kindness:
All in blue and stellar beauty,
good land. She gives us bread and
water of life and the tree is in bloom.
Under this ever-restless sky
Let's fight for their kindness!
will melt the ice block
from the word good (thank you)
become green old stump,
when you hear (good afternoon)
If there is more than can not,
tell your mother we (thank you)
Boy polite and developed
, says meeting (hello)
When we scold for pranks,
speak (sorry please:)
in France and Denmark
a farewell say (goodbye)
Comrades! Solid
in the morning in the dictionary:
Thank you, sorry,
Excuse me, let me,
I thank you.
Tell me, how in the heart of kindness?
Whence it derives its?
And among the traveling bustle,
It is so much and is easy to forgive?
And why worry always,
when someone is very, very painful?
There is always a ready kindness.
It so much that for all pretty.
I realized that goodness as blood:
The more you give, the greater will be.
I have a friend of kindness - love.
Give a little more kindness, people!
Sad is not necessary, whether it is true the dream
of your sadness, as the snow melts in the spring.
Let's talk about kindness,
which we so often lacking

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It brings us joy and warmth
it gives us light, leads to faith,
it ruthlessly destroys the evil
, but can be seen and she suffers losses

And we no one can explain
With whom to ask, whom to call to account,
that every day we live harder
and evil are increasingly celebrating a victory.

The abundance of gray paint, vanity,
life pale shadow rushing over bumps booming
Probably in our souls kindness
By far lurking backstreets

And day after day, we see it ourselves
in captivity worries, anxieties or doubts,
Evil measured suffering, tears,
welcome like an eternity, has no dimensions.

But where do we find the origins of evil,
How to break the vicious circle of this,
that life flower spring blossom,
and people suddenly became kinder.

Because kindness is not rocket science,
and it is not difficult to find a reason,
the enemy sorry - probably will be another,
Be faithful friend, a brother, he will.
The house is occupied by good works,
Quiet walks on the kindness of the apartment.
Good morning for us.
Good day and Good Luck.
Good evening, good night,
was good yesterday.
And why, you ask,
in the house so much goodness,
what of this kindness
survives the flowers,
the fish, hedgehogs, chicks?
I'll tell you straight:
It's - my mother, my mother, my mother!
In this life difficult and harsh
Deficit it was the kindness,
and just, kind word
to substitute rude on purpose.
Do you want to survive, then, howling like a wolf,
The wolf pack kindness - do not count.
Instantly any tearing to shreds,
who does not live according to their laws.
It does not matter: soul mates,
you old, young, or even small,
submissions, no one will listen,
Bute backhand knocked on the spot.
-So we just people, not animals,
it so difficult to understand.
But not everyone today can verit-
may hurt and betray.
Evil people more and more each time.
In the difficult times we live in.
Anger, like poison, like an infection,
Everything destroy the way of his.
These people do not know happiness,
without friends, as a rule, they
So sow hatred everywhere,
Poisoning own days.
Useless to them good lessons
for people that love is not given.
Evil people - just lonely,
why it is difficult to live with them.
to the happy world are all tracks.
Living in this world happy crumbs
there with the Good Faith settled forever
There's the wind - from laughter of joy - the river,

There ginger sun rays playing,
there sonorous laugh stars at night
and the little inhabitants of the country
descend on a ray of good dreams.

There are wizards bright childhood,
Funny tales live in the neighborhood,
there is even a longing never misses,
infinitely cuckoo cuckoo Year

No one is sick, no one suffers,
and if suddenly there wanders grief,
the good fairy will fly one hour
and the air in the ball of his turn.

Lovely Fairy store for forests
huge crystal chest wonders.
And if someone wants a miracle,
it is possible to get this miracle there.

To the happy world of light the way
only good people go without anxiety.
All good people, happy people
to work miracles and dream of a miracle.
Give people the kindness,
care and love,
and understanding and dream -
Give time and time again!

Let no thought of reward
and will never be,
Mating heart warm light
you give people.

And your life will change,
LUCKY will,
when the flow at you
waves of love was coming!
Give people the kindness ...
(Zoe Butsaeva)
The road of good
Ask strict life
Which way to go,
where the light of the white
Set sail in the morning.

Follow the sun behind him,
Though the path is unknown,
Go, my friend, always go
and by the way of good.

Forget your worries,
Fall and ups
Do not whine when fate itself
does not lead as a sister.

But if the other bad,
do not hope for a miracle,
hurried to him, always lead
and by the way of good.

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Oh, how much will be different
doubts and temptations,
do not forget that this life
is not child's play.

You chase away the temptations
Adopt a law unwritten,
Go, my friend, always go
and by the way of good.


Vovk good soul.
In the eyes of growing boys!
He lived in my verse once
Vovk - a good soul.
(So called baby!)
And now he is an adult boy,
twelve years old in appearance,
and the reader, perhaps,
Adult Vovk surprise.
With kindness committed Vovk,
he decided - he embarrassed
In adulthood, this
be some kind of good man!
He blushed at the word,
He became ashamed of kindness,
he to look stern,
twitches cats by their tails.
Tugging cats by their tails,
but to wait for dark,
he asked for forgiveness
for the mistreatment.
Know what he unkind,
Angrier wolf! Meaner cobra!
- Watch out, not kill! -
he threatened sparrow.
I walked an hour with a slingshot,
but upset then
buried it to sneak
in the garden under a bush.
He now sits on the roof,
with bated, not breathing,
If only hear:
"! Vovk - a good soul"
(Agnes Barto)
Good people, as always, is not enough ...
Good people, as always, is missing,
Good people as usual, the deficit.
Good people do not always understand
His heart hurts more good.
Good - generously help the sick,
the good - give warmth and comfort,
good - in the leg with a weak paced
and no spa-si-bo do not wait.
(Henry shark)
Welcome to be with his fists
Good to be with his fists,
tailed and sharp horns,
hooves and beard.
Barbed wool covered,
fire breathing, beating the hoof,
It will come and follow you!
Do you hear - here it is walking,
with fangs dripping poison on the ground,
tail lashing angrily at his sides.
Welcome, eerily howling
horns touching the clouds,
all creeping closer to us!
Well you, my reader cranky
Hositel spirit of humanism,
I wish I Good - and let
At a meeting with him my poem you remember,
and that's when the dead of night
penetrate the terrible cry: "Ha assistance"
And then - champ and crunch ...
good and evil are their dispute
good and evil are their dispute
As the light from the darkness always fight
Such an arrangement so they
For God and the devil exist

Like parallel universes
They escorted us all
and each their gifts
at intermission we offer

The bitter struggle
for our souls comes
We all have our own destiny
and every path it passes

And on the way of their destiny
We are of temptation await
and not without internal struggle
Flaws people win

But the devil is very much cunning
So just once does not give
skillful he is always the actor
again confuse everyone fails

Then one salvation temple
What we Lord provides
and cleans it all there
sins of wayward releases

The newly revived soul of
His way of life continues
The devil again slowly
it as tempted before.
If your friend in a verbal dispute
Could cause offense to you,
It is sad, but it is not the mountain,
you then forgive him yet.

In life anything can happen.
And, since you friendship is strong,
because of a stupid little thing
you do not let it break for nothing.

If you have a favorite at odds,
A longing for her hot,
It also has not grief,
Do not hurry, do not cut straight from the shoulder.

Let not the reason you came
That quarrels and harsh words,
Rise above quarrel, be a man!
It's all your love!

In life anything can happen.
And if your love is strong,
because of a stupid little thing
you do not have to give her a break.

And, so do not blame yourself when
in fact, did someone hurt,
better kind in the world to be,
Evil in the world and so pretty.

But in only one do not give up:
Tear go for separation,
only Murphy's not good-bye
, and betrayal is not good-bye
to anyone, neither favorite nor a friend!
(Edward Asadov)

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