Director: Sergey Sherbin
Writer: Andrew Tumarkin
Operator: Alexander Ustinov
Composer: Vitaliy Mukanyan
Artist: Alexander Suvorov
Produced by Alexey Rybin, Inessa Yurchenko, Sergei Goldfinches
Production: LLC "Triiks Media" commissioned by NTV
Genre: Action
Danila Kozlovsky , Yan Yan Tsapnik, Sergey Kudryavtsev, Andrey Kuznetsov, Jacob Shamshin Maria Kapustinskaya Catherine Karmanova, Tatiana Tarasova, Natalia Tretyakova, Valentin Savchuk, Paul Isaykin Alexander Klemantovich, Gennady Menshikov, Anatoly Artemov Aleksey Belozertsev, Vsevolod Tsurilo, Andrei Balashov, Dmitry Sutyrin Albert Barbarić, Oleg Zhilin, Zagulyaev Alexander, Alexander Uvarov Oleg snowstorm Maria Novozhilova Valery Zinoviev, Sergei Mardari Alexander Stepin.


Security officers Andrei Gromov twelve years ago was given the task of implementing in the group Prochorus. Disguised as a bandit, he had to go to jail to get connections in the criminal world. According to legend, he was accused of a raid on the savings bank and killing a security guard and one of the officers. Killed by the same detective was pregnant wife, police Major Frolov. Organizer implementation - MGB Major Pyotr Dobrov - promised that he will come out of prison Gromov in three years, but the situation suddenly changed: the leader of the gang died and curator - Colonel Samsonov - ordered to cancel the operation because of the loss of its relevance. About Gromov simply forgotten.

After spending twelve years, Andrew was released and met with former his boss and demanded to withdraw the charges against him, but started a real hunt with the aim of elimination instead of helping him. But kill Gromov was not easy ...  

The strength of emotions during and after the show, the acting and the music does not leave indifferent!

Enjoy watching!

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