"Game of Thrones" - one of the most talked about TV series of our time. After each new season the Internet is filled with spoilers causes anger, funny movie with the covers reactions to the death of a beloved character and, of course, the curse in the direction of George Martin and writers. "Titer" figured out what to expect from the new season of "Game of Thrones", which will be released in the spring of 2016.Attention!A lot of spoilers!1. Theon returns home to the Iron Islands.

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Iron Islands - not the most interesting locations in the world of "Game of Thrones" for the audience. We showed her a little and the special role of the island in the series did not play. It was rumored that the interest of spectators to return to the Iron Islands can return Teona / skunk home. And it is likely to happen in season 6.

The popular fan-blog about the "Game of Thrones", poured insides (the watchers on the wall) found evidence that Alfie Allen (Theon) was spotted on the set with other islanders - his sister Yara (Asha in the books) and uncle Euronom.

And here's the photo downloaded from the profile of the Irish restaurant in Facebook, where you can find Yar and Teona together.

Last time we saw Theon jumping out of the castle, together with Sanz, does this mean that she, too, will fall on the island?

2. Eurona Greydzhoya play Danish actor Johan Philip Asbek.

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As we have said, the storyline from the Iron Islands - the unlit branch in the series. However, this will soon change - HBO channel confirmed that Johann Asbek play Eurona Greydzhoya.

Euron Greyjoy - uncle of Asha and Theon (in the series its name Yara) Greydzhoev. If you're wondering what kind of a character, it is necessary to know one thing - he is the captain of the ship, in which all men are dumb - Euron cut all languages.

3. In the sixth season will be Ned Stark.


This, of course, goes about Sean Bean as Lord Eddard. "Marines on the wall" report that we will see a much younger version of Ned - it will play 13-year-old English actor Sebastian Croft.

Image: curtisbrown.co.uk/HBO

The only flashback, we have seen so far in the series - it is an episode from the childhood Cersei and Toads Maggie at the beginning of the fifth season. However, there are many signs that this will happen again. Casting directors announced a series searching for the three boys with the northern accent, the smallest of which must have green eyes (like Sean Bean). Apparently Croft will play the younger boy (Neda), while the oldest boy will be Brandon - elder brother Ned, and the average may be either Robert Baratheon, or Benjamin Stark (the one Uncle John Snow, who disappeared behind the wall). 4. Still, Sean Bean can reappear in the series.

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It suggests one of the new locations in which to shoot the new season - Castle Zafra (Guadalajara) in Spain. This castle is suspiciously similar to the legendary Tower of Joy from the books.

Readers saga know how important this tower - it is in it during the war died Lianna Stark, Ned's sister, which stole Reyegar Targaryen - sibling Daenerys. There is a theory that before the death of a child from birth to Lianna Reyegara Targaryen - John Snow. Before his death Lianna took a promise to educate Ned as his son John (from this war in Winterfell Eddard returned with the child).

5. Ian McShane will play in the series.

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Due to the fact that the series is more or less caught up with book events, the creators of "Game of Thrones" are trying to keep it a secret so as not to prospoylerit plot of "The Winds of Winter" (not yet published the sixth book of the universe, George Martin - Ed.) . That is why it is not absolutely clear who will play star of "Deadwood."

According to sources, Entertainment Weekly, McShane will have little screen time, but his character will play an important role. There are suggestions that the Yen will play the father of Sam Turley - Randy, who will meet with his son when he arrives at the Citadel.

6. Freddy Strom play brother Semvella Turley.


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You've probably heard of the actor, who played the bully-keeper Cormac MakLagena in "Harry Potter." That he would play the younger brother Sam Turley Deacon.

After his father sent Sam Turley on his wall younger brother Deacon became heir to the ancestral castle - Rogov Hill.

7. But it will look like horns Hill.


Image: Wikimedia Commons

When we saw Semvella the last time, he was about to sail to the Citadel (taking with him Lilly and child) to become Meister instead of the deceased Aemon.

Citadel is located very close to the ancestral castle Turley and it seems this season we learn a lot about relatives of Sam.

According to the Spanish site Los Siete Reinos, namely Castle St. Florentina in Spain will Rogov Hill.

8. Bran and Hodor back on the screens!

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After a break of one year, Bran will return to the show and photo Kristian Nairn (Hodor) with Isaac Wright (Bran) from Belfast confirms it.

According to the book, after a little training in the three-eyed crow (everyone remembers the shrunken old man, who came to Bran?) Young Stark will be able to see the past, present and future. It was his eyes, we will see a small Eddard and, hopefully, we will show the events that have occurred since Liannoy and Ned in the Tower of Joy.

9. Bran Stark is not the only one who will return this season.


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We have not seen much younger Stark from the third season. However, perhaps this will change soon - Art Parkinson (played Rikon) and Natalia Tenu (played Oshu - his protector-wild) were seen together in the area of ​​the shooting in Belfast.

10. Arya still blind?


Due instagramu Maisie Williams (Arya), we know that the actress wears a lens, creating the effect of blindness.

11. No shooting in Croatia.


With the second season of Dubrovnik (Croatia), served as a place of filming of King's Landing. However, in a recent HBO press release states that for the filming of the new season will not be used Dubrovnik.

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Does this mean that the new season will not be King's Landing? Hardly. Stories Cersei, Tommen, Margery Tyrell, Loras, High Sparrow Mountain and zombies are still not finished.

Most likely it means that all the shooting will take place in Belfast studio and 6 season will not be big-studio scenes.

12. After 6 seasons remove two more.


Contracts Most of the actors are up to the seventh of the season, and, most likely, they will have to renew it for another one. HBO president Michael Lombardo said that the creators of the series planned to meet the 8 seasons.

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Deyneris still needs to land in Västerås, John Snow resurrected to see his aunt on a dragon (read carefully the theory in paragraph 4), The Wall must fall, and the epic battle against the Others Seven Kingdoms happen. If you submit a final like this, it immediately becomes clear why the creators of the series a couple of seasons required.

And in the end, we can not fail to mention John.

13. John Snow is likely to be in season 6. And most likely, it will be alive.

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After an unexpected (to the audience, of course) of the fifth season, all the attention was focused on the Kit Harington (Jon Snow). Whether he is filming in Belfast, why he still has not had a haircut, if he goes to shoot only for the funeral scene of the character? The answers to these questions, we can not give, but the one thing we know for sure - to shoot a scene so many times to wander in Belfast do not need, and Keith goes there too often.

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In addition to that recall the popular theory that John - son Reyegara and vines. If it is true, the creators of the series will never go for the kill such an important character (which is not the George Martin). Whether it Melisandre revive if it turns into a white Hodoka or transfer his soul into the dire wolf (as it often does his brother Bran) is not so important, the main thing - John will be back (hopefully).

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